As a retiree of the Eversource/Northeast Utilities System, you are eligible to join the Association of Retirees of Eversource and Northeast Utilities (ARENU). If you are interested in becoming a member, you should complete the application form and send it directly to ARENU at the address indicated on the application form along with your dues.

What is ARENU?
The Association of Retirees of Eversource and Northeast Utilities is a group of individuals who have either retired from the Eversource/NU system or former employees receiving an Eversource/NU pension.

What’s ARENU’s Purpose?
ARENU’s purpose is to encourage good fellowship among its members, to promote recreational and social activities, and other worthwhile projects of interest to its members. In 1988 a group of retired NU system employees formed ARENU to establish and maintain broad, two-way communications between retirees and NU management.

ARENU maintains and monitors telephone numbers which may be called at any time:
Local: 860-665-3067
Out of the Hartford Area: 1-800-286-5000 ext. 3067

Who Belongs to ARENU?
Of approximately 7,500 NU retirees and surviving spouses, more than 3400 are members of ARENU. ARENU maintains chapters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and a satellite in Florida.

How do I Become a Member of ARENU?
Just complete and return an application form. Be sure to enclose a check for your lifetime dues of $25.

ARENU Application Form (PDF: 19KB)

More About ARENU


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Trip Newsletter – January 2019

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